In addition to my more romantic notions, I’ve started to watch True Detective. Metaphysical, metapsychosis, ontological arguments… Sign me up!!

Rust Cohle has a very nihilist perspective on things. He argues that we are just here as soul in a shell for no reason at all other than to zombie our way through life out of natural biological existence. He makes some argument to the fact that his daughter died at age two in a car wreck and it saved him from the experience of being a father.

It’s a very jaded and cynical view that without having to experience it he wouldn’t have had to take anything negative away from this. It presents a valid counter point to my perspective of love, romance, humility, honor, chivalry, all that good stuff.

I have a very whimsical boyish charm about me. There’s no shame in that. But based on Cohle’s argument through experience we learn the negatives of things. A trial-and-error of sorts, that will negate things like the belief in Disney-type romance. You’ve experienced heartbreak so you don’t open yourself up the same as before.

While the correlation could be directly related to romance, it could also be indirectly related through amassing experiences in other facets of life. For example, we all know how work stress or school stress can affect a relationship or vice-versa. Strain in one outlet can have negative affects on one or more other aspects of our lives.

It’s a valid argument and luckily my boyish nature has left believing in heroes and lovers. A pure form of souls doing right by each other, two souls finding each other as I expressed before. We never love purely once we have scars.

While I actually agree with a lot of what Cohle says in regards to religion, and I’ve used his devil’s advocate approach to get a particular response out of people, I don’t believe in nihilism. Not that it is necessary to exist for a reason per say, Catholics believe that animals don’t have souls which means they wouldn’t exist for any intrinsic reason; but why would everything have shaped out the way it has to just aimlessly go through life eating, sleeping, and screwing? Where did art come from? Where did any free-thought or literature, or even religion come from? Certainly not necessity. Praying eight times a day isn’t necessary to the vital functions of life.

Weirdly enough, all of what I said pretty much argues in favor of nihilism. But nevertheless I stand resolute in believing that things things developed because there was more than a basic necessity to evolve and discover.